Frequently Asked Questions

Password problems?
One of the main reasons you have problems logging in is usually down to password problems. To reset your AppyQuote password, go to the AppyQuote login screen and click 'Forgot your Password', then follow the on-screen instructions
Browsers and Clearing your Cache Memory.
If you're still having problems, try clearing your browser and cache memory. This can be done easily by following this link:
How do I access AppyQuote?
AppyQuote is an online service. There is no need to set up software, just download our mobile app or login via the web and start using AppyQuote straight away.
Can I use AppyQuote in any country?
AppyQuote will work in any country where there is Internet access.
What is required to run AppyQuote?
AppyQuote can be used on any of the following:
Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 10 & 11, Firefox, and Opera
● Android devices running Android 4.0 or higher
● iPhone and iPad running iOS7, iOS8 and iOS9
● Windows devices running Windows 8
● Microsoft Edge
We recommend that you use either of the two most popular browsers; Chrome or Firefox. These browsers are downloadable and free to use.
What if my details are on an old account?
If your Email has already been registered with an older account, please contact support and the AppyQote team will be happy to assist you.
Try using a different number if your phone has already been registered previously.
How much does AppyQuote cost?
AppyQuote offers straightforward pricing with no catches. It’s very simple and based on the amount of users your business has.
Please see our pricing page for exact pricing.
How do you charge for subscriptions?
We charge you a fixed monthly fee plus a one-off set up fee. Use AppyQuote as much as you want and you don't need to worry about any surprise bills.
How do I make a payment?
Secure payments are made on a monthly basis using your credit card. We accept both Visa and Mastercard.
Do you provide pricing deals for large accounts?
Yes we do, Just contact the AppyQuote team and we will be happy to personalise a plan for your business.
Do I need to sign a contract when I sign up?
You are not tied into a contract with AppyQuote. Simply send us 1 months notice and we will cancel your subscription.
How to add a new credit card.
Updating subscription and credit card details can be easily achieved on the Settings page.
On this page, scroll down to see updated subscription details and confirm.
You will be taken to a secure payment portal where you can enter your credit card details.
Want to know how AppyQuote keeps your data?
● AppyQuote is aware of the GDPR compliance May 2018 deadline and does not anticipate any problems with GDPR compliance.
● AppyQuote platforms are delivered on the AWS cloud infrastructure platform. Information on AWS GDPR compliance can be found here.
● AppyQuote is able to locate customer data in any of the AWS regions of operation globally.
Are you experiencing problems resetting your password?
Resetting your password is simple. All you have to do is click the Forgotten Password button and then enter your email address.
Latency on AppyQuote Mobile App
Here are some possible reasons that could be causing the problem:
• Internet connection problems on mobile data or WiFi
• App glitch which can be solved with one of the following
- Log out of the app and log back in again which will reload the information
- Close the AppyQuote app using the task manager
- Uninstall and re-install the AppyQuote app
• Too many apps running on your phone
- Delete all apps currently not in use
• Phone not updated
- Make sure your phone is updated with the latest software.

AppyQuote Troubleshooting Tips

While we try to ensure AppyQuote remains fast and reliable, occasionally things do go wrong. if this happens it’s normally an easy fix to get you up and running again quickly. Try these simple tips below.

  1. If a problem occurs, try opening and closing your web browser or mobile app. This can be achieved by tapping the home button and swiping up the AppyQuote app on the iPhone and iPad. If you’re using Android, hold down the home button and swipe left or right on the AppyQuote app.
  2. If this doesn’t work, try clearing your cache.

Mac/PC: Just click on either Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer for instructions.

  • iPhone and iPad: Tap Settings > Logout. You could reinstall the app by holding down the AppyQuote app icon and tapping the “X”. Then go to the App Store and download the AppyQuote app again.
  • Android: Tap the icon in the top left hand corner, then tap “Logout”. Ensure the “Wipe password data” checkbox is ticked. Then, hold down on the AppyQuote icon and drag to your trash bin. Then access the Play Store and download AppyQuote again.

Update AppyQuote. On iPhone and iPad, open the App Store, tap Updates on the bottom right of your screen, and update AppyQuote. On Android, open the Play Store, tap the menu button on the top left menu, then tap My Apps to locate AppyQuote.

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