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Want to know how AppyQuote differs from the rest, and why you should choose us rather than any other system on the market? Our top seven differentiators are outlined below, so you can see what’s in it for you, at a glance.

How Can AppyQuote Help Your Business Grow

Top 7 Benefits of the AppyQuote Offering

Completely typeless system
It’s super-speedy to create proposals without typing a single word. You can select the pre-written specifications that apply to each job, customise them if required, and produce detailed quotes or estimates in moments. Prospective customers are sure to be impressed by the speed, accuracy, and level of detail that AppyQuote helps you provide, so quickly.
Bespoke sales letter to increase your win ratios
Our unique build-your-own cover letter is based on pre-written content by professional copywriters to showcase your company like never before. This tried-and-tested document spells out why customers should choose you, and is proven to convert more leads. Just choose the tone of voice that best fits your business style and add the paragraphs to build your personalised company cover letter. Our copywriters will also interview you to extract your USP’s and collect testimonials, and references to make you and your company stand out from your competitors.
Error-free communications
Your customers are used to a high standard of communication in their workplace, but many tradespeople don’t have the time or ability to write that well. AppyQuote is the only system that uses professional copywriters to create communications for tradespeople. This means your quotes and follow-up emails will include powerfully persuasive language that’s tailored to your customers expectations, with no risk of misspellings or grammatical mistakes that can put them off.
Protect yourself and your customers
All AppyQuote quotes include comprehensive terms and conditions to help your projects run smoothly and protect you against potential disputes. The T&Cs are pre-written by professional lawyers with customisable wording to suit your business.
Work anywhere
AppyQuote is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that works on iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as on laptops and desktops. Using our mobile app, all your admin tasks can be done on-site or in the van, in the moment. Alternatively, you can login later and use the web version of the app at home, in your office, at a coffee shop… anywhere with internet access.
Created BY tradespeople, FOR tradespeople
Our founders have been in the trade for over 20 years, so we know exactly what you and your customers want and have designed AppyQuote to meet those needs. We’re also open to your suggestions about how to improve the system. Just let us know what you’d like to achieve and we’ll see what we can do to help.
Marketplace for additional support
We’ve built a network of providers you can depend on, starting with specialist back-office and marketing support for tradespeople. New services and discount offers are being added all the time, to help make your work and life easier.

How Much Does it Cost?

We are so confident that AppyQuote will revolutionise your business, that we will give you your first month subscription absolutely free

Once you’re on-boarding fee is paid, start using all of our features including creating your own bespoke cover letter that will be emailed to you and uploaded onto your software.

Quoting and estimating software you’re going to love.
The quick, easy way to get back your valuable time

Don't let the paperwork
slow you down

Create great proposals in minutes.
Create great proposals in minutes.
Add your project details to our system and you’ll have a great-looking proposal in minutes. You can even build your own price list to use every time.
Bespoke sales letter
with professional copy
Bespoke sales letter
with professional copy
This tried-and-tested document spells out why customers should choose you, and is proven to convert more leads.
Send proposals instantly, anywhere
Send proposals instantly, anywhere
Once you’re done, you can print or email your quote instantly.
See everything at a glance
See everything at a glance
Manage your projects with the right tools made for trades, impress your customers and win more work.

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