Comments from a professional copywriter (the person who is skilled at writing words to make you look good on paper, on email, in texts, online, on social media, everywhere):

“Most people learn at school how to throw a sentence together. But that doesn’t mean they know how to write well. Words will convert readers into clients. Good writing makes you stand out from the crowd. Good writing is good communication. Good communication is good customer service. Good customer service smooths the wheels of commerce. Good customer service means repeat custom and recommendations.

Good communication is simple and effective – but we all know how much time ‘simple’ actually takes. It takes time to write, time to find the right words, words that blow your own trumpet and sell you in the best possible way. And writing like this takes you away from working on your core skill: your day job.

Finding the right words when you are tired and all you want to do is enjoy your free time can lead to catastrophic miscommunication. It’s that miscommunication that can so easily derail a brilliant business and leave once-valued customer relationships in tatters. Who wants to be left arguing over whether it was five window frames or four you agreed to paint at the end of a job?

And, of course, you end up painting the extra one for no charge to keep the customer happy. Using AppyQuote’s professionally-written copy and systemised process frees you up to run your business without ever having to worry about finding the right words, as they are already there for you, waiting to be sent.” Jackie Barrie, Copywriter, Writing Without Waffle

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