AppyQuote has written an e-book called, winning words win work, focused on the power of words when presenting yourself to customers to influence the sale and win more business.

Pitching for work getting in the way of living your life? Tired of doing late-night
quotes and missing the kids’ bedtime? Losing sleep over a tricky customer you are struggling to communicate with? Worrying how to chase late-payers without ruining the working relationship? Stressed out with paperwork when all you really want to do is paint and decorate?

That was me 10 years ago. I was drained. My wife was annoyed and frustrated with me. I put so much effort into seeing prospective clients, but it wasn’t translating into enough work.


  • Jamie’s Story
  • Comments from a professional copywriter
  • Professional tradespeople v office workers = Linguistic mismatch
  • Small business can learn a lesson from big business.
  • Poor communication creates problem clients
  • Winning business is about winning relationships Good relationships are built on good communication
  • AppyQuotes do’s and don’ts

And much, much more…

AppyQuote will completely transform the way you send quotes and estimates to your customers as well as saving you hours at weekends and evenings writing out quote after quote.

Send Quotes that homeowners deserve and show the customer you care about their project and property.

AppyQuote is a fast, simple out of the box, innovative quoting and estimating system. AppyQuote allows you to quote jobs while in the customer’s house or in the van, in a matter of minutes. Our build your own cover letter allows you to stand out from the competition and sell your company like never before.

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